Brand as Authentic Communication

Connection is Personal
Posted 11. 01. 2018 | By Jacinta

We are a product of our nature, our nurture, a product of our culture and of our reality. Consider an authentic brand and how it’s authenticity reels you in- mostly you buying into its ethos. Brands do this by giving you as much information about it as possible.

The closer we can get to knowing all we can about a particular brand; the closer we are to connecting with it. Better again if it has a brand advocate or ambassador or a human face we can connect with. 

As humans, we want that connection, we thrive on it and we buy to it. Like people, the brand is a subtotal of a number of different cultures and impressions that current society attaches to it & it must merge and move with the times to continue to live as an authentic brand as the times change. A good example is healthy food at McDonalds. Although it is still a fast food joint, still not the healthiest of food, but nationally sourced healthy and indigenous products within their umbrella brand. 

Another brand to change their brand communication was Lidl, focused on re-enforcing it’s committed to Irish-ness to survive in an emerging shop local, support local, buy Irish culture. It’s not about creating a brand that ticks all the boxes and is everything to all people but creating a brand philosophy and communication that we can connect with, that is dynamic and can move with the time and recreate itself as required as we all do as people, as the tides and the times change. 

The easiest way to do this is to source it from you, yourself, the authentic you as a business owner as people will always sense, be attracted to and connect with that - above all else