Your 6-Second Pitch

You are being watched, You are being judged. You know you are your most powerful PR tool.
Posted 05. 07. 2016 | By Jacinta

But at least when you can go into meetings, you can pitch yourself, wear nice clothes, and manage yourself in such a manner that you maintain a professional attitude and thus hopefully encourage trust and respect from your peers, colleagues and potential investors and clients.

But, what if people don't get a chance to meet you in person and they grab your business card at the end of the networking launch and do the research at home. Unfortunately, they don't know your story, they want to see that you are compitent and capable and online... presentation says it all.

What if you haven't got around to updating your website or you didn't have the budget to invest in a web designer and you aren't too hot at techy stuff but it's grand. Is it though? Amy Cuddy tells us we have only 6 seconds to make that pitch.
Are people getting trust and respect on your landing page?